Monday 1 May 2017

Krystal Math - Night Tones

Our first release of 2017 hits Bandcamp today! After first appearing on our 'Phase 3' sampler, Christopher Tilmouth aka Krystal Math finally reveals his debut EP for [d]-tached records.

Night Tones is inspired by late night walks through the suburbs and city streets of his home town Manchester. The strange characters that emerge and the unfamiliar personalities that the streets themselves take on once everyday life has drifted off to sleep acted as a reminder of the beauty (or otherwise) that can be found in unexpected places, and became the catalyst for the 5 tracks presented here. From the pensive, claustrophobic bass swells of 'Parasite', to the crystaline purity of 'Invisible', all fused together with Tilmouth's sharp, skittering beat programming, Night Tones is classic IDM not to be missed.

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