Tuesday 5 May 2015

2015 releases

Been sleeping for a little while, but we finally have some new stuff in the pipeline.

First up, in the next few weeks there will be a new [d]-tached label sampler. This will include a few tracks from previous and upcoming releases, plus some new exclusive tracks and remixes. Expect to hear a scattershot selection of electronics from across the whole spectrum, from ambient clicks to jungle footwork, and pretty much anything in between.

Following this we'll have the debut LP from Supersentient Intelligence Construct. More news on this one to follow soon. This album will be widening the scope of the label, pushing us into ambient/experimental/drone territory, but still retaining a core aesthetic which I like to think defines the label. We're also looking at an ultra limited run of cassete versions for this one.

Keep any eye on the [d]-tached soundcloud page for previews from these releases over the next few weeks.